Agne Misiute

Vilnius, Lithuania

Art was always in my heart. I liked drawing and painting since my childhood. I went to Art scool in my hometown. And after I graduated from gymnasium I started studying painting in Vilnius Academy of Arts! When I'm painting I let out my stress and negative emotions! I can finally relax and create something beautiful. My life goal is to inspire as many people as possible!

It was almost a year ago when I came to a tinny village Panemune. This was my first university trip with Vilnius Academy of Arts. At first we were able to paint whatever we wanted (trees, fields, river, people, etc). The hostel where we stayed as a students used to be light pink and looked so beautiful in a sunny summer day! The lightening was perfect and the view was heartwarming I took out my paints and brushes and that's how this painting was born.

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