Alyona Sergienko

Russia, Moscow

I was born in Ukraine, my grandfather was a famous artist there, he taught me how to draw, he said that if you are an artist, you will paint, if you don’t, then don’t bother me. That was fanny and infuriated me a little but I've got his words in time, then I found that I need a brush in every moment when I have something to say.

Really I don’t know why I’m drawing, I just can not to do otherwise.

What about my arts I think we never can to describe the artwork because it is always more than any words, even more than author who made it. When artist can really explain his art it's not true. I guess. Maybe I am wrong, but maybe I am not. What I’m really sure about that art has one more bonus compare to the science, it’s intuition, 7th feeling that enables to predict the future an in the same time to hill human soul, helping us to change concentration from ourself and this way to not feel so much pain.

Scent of lilac

Texture and energy, texture is energy. The entire last series of my works stems from the realization that the #artist writes not what he sees, but what he knows. I know the world like that. I sense its vibrations, energy flows, rhythms. My task...

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