Aurora Maria Torsteinsdottir Næss

Oslo, Norway

I often ask myself why I make art and what the point of it is. There’s probably better ways to influence people if that's the point. I make art simply because I want to and it brings me joy, and maybe that’s fine. I draw and paint what I think is fun, and I believe that’ll always be my main reason for doing it. I’ve been drawing since before I could remember, but never pursued an artistic career because I was afraid of not being good enough and I "didn't want to be poor, duh". But I never stopped drawing and I try to paint and draw as much as I can when I'm not working as a physiotherapist. My goal is to keep improving and have fun whilst doing it.

Eye see you

I’m obsessed with interesting expressions painted with rich and vibrant colours. This piece was inspired by an ad in a magazine. I don't remember what the ad was for, but I’ll never forget the girl in the ad and her fierce, stubborn and childlike look.

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