Christine Marie

France, Chartres

I graduated at School of fine art in Versailles and since then I have created paintings , engraving, photographies and videos from my imagination. I used to paint and work  slowly, I worked with mirrors, lights... I was searching for the light in any way , all made with my hands because I think an artist must get involved physically in his artwork.

Why do I create art?

Because this is the only thing I can do, I love creation and since I was a child ...All is around us, all is inspiration , i believe in our nature and in our humanity. I cannot do anything else. I am searching for the light in our dark world, I am looking at everything and take my time . I can create a photography with manipulating my paintings with my hands as well as express myself through painting . Or create a music and then trying to make a video on it . All is creativity and all depend the mood I feel . My goal is to continue like that , I would like to create big projects, to get a gallery taking care of my work so I could produce without any fear , I would love to be part of big fairs, I think big but my space is quite narrow at the moment. Let’s hope!


And one day I was mad because my husband organized a family meeting without me and I was so mad that I took a canvas and started to mix paintings and tried to create a face with that ... this was my first “gueule d’amour” i painted called «anger».

And now I continue and try to express all these feelings through faces I paint . This one « Him » is also against my husband that got on my nerves another time , he was too strict so I decided to paint him with the 3 primary...

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For this painting my goal was to express a person, a man for the mankind, dreaming, looking at our world with wide open eyes, the eyes are essential. The eyes speak to the cheeks, all round. The colors are red and green two complementary colors to reinforce the portrait with his lines. “Just think who we are and what we do to our world” is my message through this “dreamer”.

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This painting is called « Audacious » it is a woman and a self-portrait. People tell me all the time that I do not dare enough in my artist job and maybe I am too shy. So my answer is this portrait with a mix of yellow for the light, green for the nature, blue for the calm, black for the shadow. I executed this portrait in one shot full of energy, space to breath, strong lines, spontaneity, mix of styles…exactly like an audacious person…

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