Christos Nicolaos Toutountzis

Greece, Athens

I was born in Athens, Greece, in 1980. From a very early age I've started art painting.

In the year 1990 I've started my first lessons in drawing and colour. I've studied art painting at the following art studio colleges:

1. 1999-2001 Art Studio, Moschato, Athens

2. 2000-2002 Art Studio, Ag. Ierotheos, Petroupoli, Athens, specializing in angiography

3. 2002-2005 N. Pissa' s Art College

4. 2004 Entered and studied in the national School of art in the department of Painting Restoration

5. 2013 I was honoured with scholarship at the Borgias Fine Art and Culture Academy

6. 2016 I was honoured with 2 years scholarship at the Borgias Fine Art and Culture Academy

I have participated and distinguished at international competitions in USA and Holland, at the same time my artworks have been sold at private collections in Greece and overseas.

I have been active member of UNESCO and Hellenic Union of Art and Literature, I participated in group exhibitions and lately there is quite a demand on my personal exhibitions too.

I keep my art studio in Piraeus.

The beggar-Vaalinde

Her house was well hidden deep in the woods. The children had heard about her from the stories their parents used to tell at nights close to the fireplace. The centuries marked her strange face. Noone had seen her..noone except one man who managed to get out from the forest but he would never be the same again. Let me tell you what I found...

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Mary Magdalene

For a long time my mind has been occupied with the belief that, always behind great events exists the "unknown heroes". These are the people behind the scenes. These are the every day people working with zest, women, students, etc.

Mary Magdalene is the unknown hero behind the greatness of sacrifice.  She is a woman with...

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