Daniela Milinkovich

Chicago, Illinois, USA

I have loved making art since childhood, but only pursued a career as an artist later in life.  I was discouraged from working towards a career as an artist in my earlier years.  I respected my parents' hard work too much to defy them to follow my passions, and I chose to follow their advice and suggestions.  Ten years later, still unhappy in my field of work, I slowly began to pursue a degree in studio arts.  Today I am a certified art teacher and artist, working to encourage our youth to develop their own artistic habits and intrinsic appreciation of the arts, while still pursuing my own passions in my personal artwork.  While I am emerging, I am strong and resilient, ardently immersing myself in my endeavors as a working artist.

Ashes to Ashes

I hope that when viewers see this artwork, they will feel a connection to the strength and beauty of nature. I am often inspired by places I visit, adding my own personal touch with a hint of imagination and whimsy.  While I enjoy painting realistically, more recently I’ve m...

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