Him, 2019

Painter Christine Marie

Painter from France, Chartres

Acrylic, canvas, 50 * 60cm

Price: € 500


I graduated at School of fine art in Versailles and since then I have created paintings , engraving, photographies and videos from my imagination. I used to paint and work  slowly, I worked with mirrors, lights... I was searching for the light in any way , all made with my hands because I think an artist must get involved physically in his artwork.

And one day I was mad because my husband organized a family meeting without me and I was so mad that I took a canvas and started to mix paintings and tried to create a face with that ... this was my first “gueule d’amour” i painted called « anger ».

And now I continue and try to express all these feelings through faces I paint . This one « Him » is also against my husband that got on my nerves another time , he was too strict so I decided to paint him with the 3 primary paintings red, blue and yellow. Angry eyes , hair in the air, holes everywhere, like a mask. I really enjoy to paint these faces who can be inspired from my feelings, people I meet or my mood.


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