Jamie, 2019

Painter Rebecca Dunn

Painter from Australia

Staedtler pencils on Jackson’s heavy cartridge pad, A4

Price: not for sale


It’s of Jamie Fraser from Outlander, as played by Sam Heughan. I drew this one in 2019, I was living in Melbourne at the time and working in an emergency department as a nurse. One of the reasons I like outlander so much is because the main character is a nurse/doctor and it’s interesting to see all their old time treatments of current day health problems and the struggles they have to go through to obtain things that we now as a society just take for granted.

The reason I chose to draw this picture in particular is because it’s one that depicts Jamie in his innocence before his life catches up with him. All of us go through hardship in our lives and this picture is just to remind me that you have to look at the moments that bring joy and keep moving forward.

I love to draw actors that bring their characters to life and this was just one role I think Sam played amazingly, I wanted to capture my appreciation of his artwork with my own artwork.

This drawing took me about 5 hours, as with most artists, I start with the general outlines of the sketch. I always do the eyes first, I think that if my drawings can’t capture the eyes then there is no point continuing with it. I’m not great with hair so this one was incredible frustrating to do, I just kinda gave up in the end and did messy squiggles instead. As a whole though I like how this one turned out, it brought me a lot of joy to draw someone so talented and I’m happy with the outcome.


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