Parasitized, 2008

Painter Zoddo / Mike Moore

Painter form Toronto, Canada

Oil, canvas, 18 * 24 inches

Price: (for sale 8x10 inches): €...


The painting parasitized is 1 of 7 paintings and one sculpture, the series is titled “creatures of dismay”. Think of each painting from the series as if a window to an alternate reality where the main focus is a particular characteristic of people, and the sculpture piece is “The Observer” who he is the one who is peering into these surreal realities and the more he engages in these worlds, the more he is effected by them (I’ve attached an image of The Observer also for visual).

This painting “Parasitized” is control, or a control freak who needs to control all of whose around them. Being the puppet master to controlling its victims like marionettes on a theatre stage.

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