Rebecca Dunn


I am a 24 year old Australian artist. When I was younger my grandad taught me to draw and in the last few years I have started again. I am an emergency nurse and my job can be stressful but drawing let’s me find calm in my life. I would one day like to be a full time artist. I draw a lot of actors and people I like, my way of showing my appreciation of their work. I hope to share my artwork with people who appreciate it and enjoy seeing all the different types of art that people create.

I was inspired to draw this piece after watching Dylan act in teen wolf. He is one of my favourite actors and I wanted to express that by drawing one of my favourite scenes when he turns evil. Drawing for me is like keeping a diary. I’m always inspired by his acting and drawing him allows me to express this in my own way.

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It’s of Jamie Fraser from Outlander, as played by Sam Heughan. I drew this one in 2019, I was living in Melbourne at the time and working in an emergency department as a nurse. One of the reasons I like outlander so much is because the main character is a nurse/doctor and it’s interesting to see all their old time treatments of current day health problems and the struggles they have to go through to obtain things that we now as a society just take for granted.

The reason I chose to draw this picture in particular is because...

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