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ART-BAZHAN is an art resource which brings together people and projects for cooperation in creative field. ART-GALLERY-SITE is a virtual space where you can find art pieces from all over the world.

ART-BAZHAN is in service to promote art. What you see here is the result of team’s co-creation. Each person in the project team knows well that ART used to be, IS and always will be a reflection of time spirit.

The paradox is that many people don’t understand art. But how can you possibly understand it? Well, one of the ways is to listen to a painter himself. To the person, who is the creator of a visual image. He always has things to share. An artist is a person with sophisticated sensations, a sixth sense and a unique sharp vision which reflects on our speedy changeable world.

Due to working mostly in his workshop, a painter is hardly ever seen or heard. Many of them don’t even know how to promote themselves or are not very good at presenting their work. Meanwhile they talk to us through their art about most important things, they tackle burning issues. Visual images introduced by ART-BAZHAN speak about vital problems of our time. Guys do everything possible so that each painter could be heard and understood. It is not an easy task for an internet resource. Being the bridge between an artist and the audience, creating an environment where two polarities can become closer is like putting a puzzle together.

This puzzle includes different levels of experience, different historical context, various meanings. In order to create this puzzle ART-BAZHAN team selects art pieces which you are drawn to look closely at, which attract your attention and bring the desire to find out what meanings are behind them, pieces of art that invite questions and discussion. If an art piece invites discussion it means it touches something in your soul. It doesn’t leave you indifferent. You don’t usually go into detail discussing something unless it deeply touches you, do you?

The search for painters and the selection of art pieces for ART-BAZHAN is like a treasure hunt. Imagine, somebody has found some treasure and shows the beauty of it to you! Moreover ART-BAZHAN helps passionate collectors to purchase art work. It means that you have an opportunity to become the owner of treasure and to create a collection of your own. A collection that would represent your time period, your personal experience and may become unique legacy. It can be philosophical, huliganic, esthetic, it can reflect on the lightness of life or on the complications of it, it can be about love or about pain. It can be material or virtual as a selection of pictures. This is all your choice.

I have already chosen my favourite artists and have selected the art pieces for my personal collection. So what will your collection created with the support of ART-BAZHAN be about?

March 27, 2020

Mariia Michi

Art-gallery-site is an excellent art platform that aims to publicize the artistic works of amateur artists like me. They provided me with an excellent service for free by publishing one of my works. The personal treatment has been really cordial and I am glad to have collaborated with this site. I hope that other artists collaborate with this platform creating a high quality virtual and cultural space that will progress in the future.

The publication was made in the insagram March 21, 2019

Álvaro Gómez-Pantoja Mateache

I immediately liked the idea to incorporate the artist's description in the showing of the work of art. So, as soon as these guys proposed me sending one of te paintings with description to them, I accepted. I usually give an idea of what a particular piece of art is about with an elaborate (often long) title. But going beyond that seems inappropriate as there is this feeling that some viewers don't care about the philosophy behind what they see. Well then, how good that there is a page where you do just that! Explain and describe your thoughts beyound your art and see other people's art described by them in detail. I like these guys, their eye for good art and great concepts and it has been an honor to support them and get support in return.

The publication was made on Instagram on December 30, 2018

Elvis Bodeci

I want to say thank you for choosing me as an artist, it was great experience to work with you because I share your point of art. I think you’ve  really got an eye on it. A manager who worked with me was really responsible, attentive, polite and flexible. I wish you luck and hope for further cooperation.

The publication was made on Instagram on November 23, 2018

Alyona Sergienko

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