Tree of Life I, 2018

Painter Juliet Hillbrand

Painter form Texas, USA

Resin Mixed Media on hand-stretched Cotton Canvas, 30 * 40 inches

Price: sold


"The Tree of Life is a series I just dove into but have been painting in my mind for years. I've always envisioned a way to combine realism and abstract in a way that somehow wasn't cheesy or unnatural. I want to depict an ethereal mood and other-worldlyness. A touch of surrealism because we get enough reality in our everyday, we don't need it in our art. Art should take you somewhere else.

This piece actually sold to a buyer at a Beer and Arts show. Such a beautiful day and he was so in love with it, his daughters assisted in the sale saying, "C'mon dad this would look amazing over your fireplace."

I love seeing my pieces find their homes in this world and go off to live their own lives. Tree of Life is the beginning of a series and I'm putting the finishing touches on "Tree of Life II."


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