Unfinished, January-Fabruary 2019

Painter Rachel Caruana

Painter from Spain, Barcelona

Acrylic, oil pastels, canvas, 1m * 1.5m

Price: €...


This work was created as a reflection of my identity and  feeling of having yet to learn and discover more about myself and my creative abilities.

Identity. It's who we are, the characteristics that define us, the way we assert ourselves and the way we are viewed by the world. Unfortunately few are the individuals who choose their own identity. People's desire to belong results in them internalizing values from their dominant cultures and from how they are viewed by others, which values may not always be aligned with one's authentic self. We may not always show our entire selves to others, be it cause of wanting to fit in or simply because we are still discovering ourselves. However a person's identity is not final. It can be viewed as a trial and error process which continues to develop throughout our lifespan and is never really finalised up until we die.

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